Crystal Chakra
Crystal Chakra

Crystal Chakra

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Our gorgeous 7 chakra healing bracelet balances the seven energies which are essential for living a healthy and happy life. This bracelet is made with 4 mm gold hematite beads and 7 colorful crystals which correspond to the different chakras. It is believed that when the energy flows through all the chakras properly, our physical, mental and emotional bodies can heal and become balanced.

Red- Represents the root chakra to keep you grounded

Orange- Sacral chakra represents creativity, joy, and openness

Yellow- Solar Plexus chakra to keep you confident

Green- Heart chakra represents love, passion, healing, and devotion

Turquoise- Throat chakra represents communication, honesty, and expression

Blue- Third Eye chakra represents awareness, intuition, and imagination

Purple- Crown chakra represents spirituality, wisdom, and inspiration 


Size: 4 mm beads

Wrist: available only in standard size 7 inches